Bottle and Jar Cutter

Product Information

If you are looking for fast bottle cutter, want to do it within 3 minutes, Ephrem is the best one.

Quickly cut the bottle in the shortest time.

This cutting machine can cut almost every kind of bottle, just adjust the screws.


1- Adjust screws and move parts so the bottle can rest properly on machine

2- Adjust depth of machine so the cutting wheel is at the desired location on the bottle.

3- Once the bottle is resting on the machine, apply pressure with your hands; make ONE complete circle only against the cutting wheel

4- Take the bottle off the machine, light a candle and heat up the score mark on the bottle, once the whole etching mark is sufficiently hot, immediately rub the score with an ice cube

5- Snap the 2 parts of the bottle and use a sanding paper to smooth out the glass edges

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