6 Smart Ideas To Use Wine Bottles As Tree House Lights Lamps

6 Smart Ideas To Use Wine Bottles to build a Tree, House, Lights and Lamps. From WineBottleCrafts.org

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The smart artist changed the wine bottle as many beautiful crafts. Someone even use it  to build a house. Here is the 6 smart ideas to use recycle bottles to create arts.

Why waste these glitter shine materials. They can be recycled as many life arts as we can.

Wine Bottle Lamps

We shared another wine bottle lamps DIY in the website and books. Here is another design by using the old wine bottle.
The old wine bottles themselves are just arts. That’s not easy find on the market. Once you see it, collect it. They are so pretty.
wine bottle lamps

Wine Bottle Lights

Making these lights is simple and easy, just make sure never cut the fingers when using the tools.
wine bottle lights

Wine Bottle Candles

Wine bottle candles always bring the romantic lights to the owner’s home. You can DIY it at home. Checking our DIY guide. You will find making this fantastic thing is so simple.
wine bottle candles

Wine Bottle Shelves

This wine bottle shelve designed from www.re-nest.com. They drilled some holes on the wood to match with the wine bottles. That’s pretty smart ideas. Full use of the recycle materials.
wine bottle shelves

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Design a wine bottle Christmas tree is not a easy task. This Wine bottle Christmas tree is so brilliant. Not suggest doing it at home. May try the small wine bottle tree. That will bring more fun to our life.
Wine bottle Tree

Wine Bottle House

Wine bottle is a great material to build house, because the glasses will make a thermostatic environment. A Chinese Mr Yang used the wine bottle to build his own house. The lights of the house also using the wine bottle. He made a exhibition in the last year to show people how to use the recycle materials to create a better environment.
wine bottle houses