Wine Bottle Art

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Create an art by some simple tools

Wine bottle art is the most easiest art that you can do it at home.  For example, you may want a wine bottle light like this. So sweet and romantic at light.

wine bottle art

The method by creating this wine bottle art is simple. You need a pen and some ideas for drawing. Don’t worry about the pictures on the bottle. Drawing by your love and interesting.

Before you paint anything on the bottle, I highly suggest you clean the labels and dust by warm water. Compared with wine bottle chandelier DIY, this wine bottle art no need to drill a hole, or cut the bottle. You can use a wine bottle lights to put in to the wine bottle after you paint everything.

You may buy a wine bottle holder to put your art on it. That will make your wine bottle looks like more elegant. Clear wine bottle is easy to paint colors. Red wine bottle looks like dark, so don’t use gray or black color to paint. That will be lights after painting.

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Other wine bottle that already painted.

wine bottle art