Wine Bottle Chandelier DIY

Product Information

The wine bottle chandelier sale in the amazon for almost $300. The price not include the delivery fee. If we can do it at home, the price only less than $40, and we can enjoy the fun for make our own wine bottle chandelier.

Tools for Wine Bottle Chandelier DIY

  • ¬†Wine bottle Decor
  • 60 Walt Bulb
  • Drill Tools
  • Wine bottles

Making the wine bottle chandelier is quite easy.¬† Compared with other wine bottle crafts, we don’t need anything or any tools to cut the wine bottle. The key is the wine bottle decor

wine bottle decor menu

1 Clean the wine bottles in the warm water. That’s easy for us to clean the labels on the wine bottles. Bear bottle or red wine bottle, you can pick up any colors you like

2 Install a hook on the ceiling board

3 connect the power cable, switch, and hook. Make sure everything is functional.

4 Test the wine bottle chandelier rings, to check every ring is fit for your bottles.

5 Hand the wine bottle chandelier decor on the hook

6 Put all the wine bottles on the decor. Light up the bulb.

Wine Bottle Chandelier Room Decor

Done. We saved $260 for buying the wine bottle chandelier in the store.

I highly suggest use the clear wine bottles. That’s more elegant than using green wine bottles.

Replace the bulb as star lights bulb is another recommendation for bringing the romantic atmosphere.

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