Wine Bottle Chandelier

Product Information

Wine Bottle Chandelier is an fun and natural project to involved with. A lot of people like DIY it at home. Most of people are still like to buy it at the chandelier shop.

Before you buy the chandelier, consider is planning for your chandelier, make sure that will be suitable with the room where you plan to hang them. Crystal materials wine bottle design chandelier is the most popular choice, but also the most expensive. The size of them are very big.

If you plan it to be on the table, you need to remember to leave sufficient headroom, so your guests usually dine at that table can still see each other without being obstructed by lamp. Normally, the chandelier is not as wide as the table, a good rule of thumb is that its diameter must be less than the width of the table legs. Some crafters just set the bottle, either the style or the mobility of the grid structure around the light source. So that the effect could be very beautiful and unique, especially if you work under high ceilings.

Take the color of wine bottle chandelier similar to your room painting is a easy method to choose a chandelier.

There are some list of

At the first is Leitmotiv, one of the finalists on the Bright ideas and Lighting Design Competition that made wonderful and simple chandelier with three bottles of wine used, that the results are very impressive. The layer of bottles made incandescent light effect that is simple, but it looks very innovative and beautiful. For further toward the future, the bottles will also be used to create a lamp for the table.

The next is the Meyda Wine Bottle Chandelier that has used and combining a wine with a bottle of wine flutes simultaneously. It shows a stunning the focus point, unique and unusual for almost any room. Sitting the lamp at the desk and let the light is spread all over the room with their specially effect.

And the third is The Pellegrino Bottle Chandelier. It looks perfectly hanging on a tree in the backyard or the front of your home. With half a piece, it looks nice bottle at the night. Hang it with each different heights would be to give the impression of uniqueness, this type of lamp will impress you and fall in love with the beauty.

Fitting a chandelier in the course you are some parts that need attention, you have to be careful and also believe that maybe you can do it yourself. You need to prepare all equipment, including safe work equipment. Since you are involved with electricity at any time to kill you. In this case, you may need to seek out and learn some tips for connecting and working with the cable.