Wine Bottle Crafts DIY Guide

Product Information

Wine bottle crafts can be sold on the market price from 100 dollar to 5000 dollars, for example: wine bottle lamps and wine bottle chandeliers. Only seldom people knows the DIY a wine bottle lamps, or wine bottle chandelier at home only cost less than 10 dollars.

The difference of wine bottle crafts are the design and bottle colors. The designs make the wine bottle be sold around hundreds dollars or even thousands dollars. Design a wine bottle lamp, light, or chandelier is very easy. You can follow this Wine Bottle Crafts DIY Guide book to learn how to step by step cut a wine bottle, and make a wine bottle lamp. You can get some ideas to design your own wine bottle crafts.

No people knows design and DIY can make them rich. There is only one smelt this money marketing. His name is Dell. He made a huge computer DIY market, and became a millionaire before his 40 years old birthday. You may just want have some fun to do DY like me. You don’t want to develop the wine bottle crafts ideas as a business.

Follow this guide, and prepare your tools. Let’s do some design works.

P.S: Wine bottle crafts can be the one of most valuable gift to your family, parents, or friends.

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