Wine Bottle Lamps DIY

Product Information

The most easy method to DIY a wine bottle lamps.

I find this design from other people’s blog. I love that. Here I will show you how to do it.

There 2 important thing for doing this design

1 Find a proper wine bottle. Red wine bottle, and bear bottle are not recommend, because the color is not shine when you light up the lamp. Highly suggest Vodka wine bottle, or some yellow color wine bottle.

2 Drill A hole at the bottom of the wine bottle. As I mentined in the wine bottle lights. impact driver, or glass dill driver is highly recommended.

Wine Bottle Lamps DIY Guide

1 Clean the wine bottle in the warm water, so you can take out the label easily.

2 Drill a hole at the bottom of the bottle

3 Put the wine bottle lights into the bottle.

4 Plug the stopper in the bottle to prevent dust come in.