Wine Bottle Lamps Kits

Product Information

I love this wine bottle lamp, you may also do it at home.

The steps are very simple. You just need to get the materials called wine bottle lamp kit

Step 1 Drill hole at the bottom of the wine bottle. You can use screw driver for slowly do it, or using the impact driver.

If  you want to use the screw driver to drill a hole at the bottom of wine bottle, can use a fire to increase the temperature of the glasses. Don’t use the hot crew driver to drill the cold wine bottle. That will make the wine bottle suddenly broken.

Highly recommend to use the impact driver

Step 2 put the lamp kit on the stopper of the wine bottle.

Step 3 Find a lamp cover to put on the lamp. Choose any colors you like.

That’s all.

You can get the wine bottle lamp kits here